Data Driven Marketing for Schools


Just a few years ago, the concept of data-driven marketing seemed unreasonable in private school marketing offices. But fortunately, this is a conversation that is happening more and more at private schools today. No longer are we asking “what are we doing?” but rather, “why are we doing what we’re doing?” and “is what we’re doing actually working?”

Last year, I wrote an eBook for Blackbaud that talked in detail about what data-driven marketing is for schools. Yes, it includes Google analytics and measuring the ROI of our work, but also the culture of our audiences and making educated decisions. You don’t have to be a statistics genius to understand how to create data-driven marketing plans.

Check out my latest podcast with Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl, in which we chat about what it means to be data driven and how schools can use data to drive their marketing decisions. Let me know what you think in the comments and share your own data-driven tips and strategies.

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