PSA: YikYak Now Has Video

YikYak Video - image of individual holding an iPhone


I haven’t blogged in a while, but a notification that popped up on my phone just a few minutes ago has me back to the blog to share some information with my fellow independent school marketers. In case you haven’t noticed, the app YikYak has launched a new feature: video.

The anonymous posting app has been problematic for many schools, as students have a platform to say almost anything they want without owning their statements and without repercussion. Some schools have had an uptick in cyberbullying thanks to the platform, and in more severe cases even had to involve law enforcement in investigating potentially threatening statements. And, YikYak hasn’t exactly been a willing partner in working to track down suspicious behavior, as many schools have noticed.

This new video feature lets users now post videos anonymously, which can spark a wide range of concerns for schools. Previously, only text was able to be shared. Schools may wish to have their marketing and communications team monitor their local “herds” and be on the lookout for increased instances of bullying, filming and sharing videos of individuals without consent, inappropriate situations, and potentially dangerous activities being performed.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the latest feature of YikYak and how it’s impacting your school community in the comments.

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