Whether your needs are creative or strategic, a consulting package could be exactly what you need to organize your marketing and achieve your goals. Let’s work together to identify your challenges, develop a plan and chart a course that will lead you and your school to success.

Admission Recruitment

Looking to develop a larger target audience and better nurture your inquiries and applicants? Of course you are! An inbound marketing plan can help you find, cultivate, and convert your target audience, a practice that is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. From developing inbound content to email marketing and drip campaigns, I can help you develop and carry out an admission marketing plan to help you better nurture and convert your inquiries into applications and ultimately, enrollments.

Content Development

Looking to get started on inbound marketing, but don’t have the manpower? Let me help you with the creation of blogs, landing pages and premium downloads, as well as email marketing workflows to support your efforts.

Annual Fund Marketing

Who doesn’t want more donors and more dollars? A creative and strategic annual fund marketing program can help you increase both participation and funds raised. Whether you’re looking for a full annual fund marketing plan to carry you through the next two years, or you just need the perfect creative theme to capture your audience’s attention, I can help. Check out this award-winning annual fund marketing program I created for Cheshire Academy


Internal Communications Strategies

A streamlined internal and external communication strategy can improve your school’s productivity, improve constituent relations and save time and money. Let’s talk about your audience’s communication needs and develop a plan that will improve the relay of information. Who knows, we might even be able to reduce the workload of your marketing and communications office, in turn allowing them to devote more time on strategic initiatives, while still meeting the needs of your current constituents

Creative Campaigns

Have your marketing plan all set and ready to go, but you’re lacking that creative hook? Share with me your goals and challenges, and I’ll help you develop a creative campaign that will capture the attention of your audience.

Crisis Communications Plan Development

Most schools have a crisis plan in place for what happens with the people, but what about a plan for crisis communication? When a crisis situation hits, it’s important to know what you’re going to do to communicate internally and externally. A successful crisis communication plan will help you understand how you (and your entire community) will quickly and carefully manage the message, keep constituents informed and protect your school. From knowing what services and tools to use, to the types of communication messages that need to be developed, having a plan in place can save valuable time, keep your leadership teams organized and help you protect and inform your community.

Marketing & Communications Audit

Know you need help, but don’t know where to start? An audit of your existing marketing and communications program, from social media and email to print publications and website, can help you identify holes in your work and find cost-saving strategies.

Need help in another area related to marketing and communications? Let’s talk.

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