As a 15-year veteran administrator in independent schools, I’ve been through it all, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Whether your needs are creative, strategic or you just need someone to help get work done, a consulting package could be exactly what you need. Let me help you identify your challenges, and develop a plan that will lead you and your school to success.

Customized On-Site Marketing Bootcamps

Professional development is one of the most important things we can do to benefit our professional lives. Let me develop a customized Marketing Bootcamp designed to target a variety of topics covering best practices related to what you need most. Choose from a variety of topics we can cover including email marketing, website management, social media, blogging, SEO, government compliance, and more.

We work closely together so you can walk away with actionable tips and tricks, and develop strategies that you can implement immediately to enhance your school’s outreach, recruiting, and/or fundraising efforts. Full-Day Bootcamps are arranged in advance and are designed specifically to address the unique needs of your institution. Even better, I’ll come to you; it’s like having your own conference right on campus. Send as many members of your faculty, staff, administration, and board as you’d like, all for just one standard fee. Let’s start planning your Bootcamp today.

Consultations & Marketing/Communications Program Audits

Know you need help, but don’t know where to start? An audit of your existing marketing and communications program, from social media and email to print publications and website, can help you identify holes in your work, capitalize on strengths and sometimes even find cost-saving strategies. Let me help you get things started.

Interim Marketing & Communications Help

Hiring for a new Marketing & Communications position? Don’t rush this important hiring decision. Let me help you fill the gap while you invest in a comprehensive search for the ideal candidate. From basic daily marketing and communications assignments to developing a full marketing and communications program that gets handed over to your new hire, we can find a way to work together. I can even help you find the ideal candidate. 

Written Content Production

Sometimes, you have a great strategy in place, but you need help actually getting the work done. Let me join your team remotely and help you develop written content for inbound marketing efforts, websites, brochures, and more. As a graduate of independent schools and a veteran administrator, I know this industry and the target audiences you’re trying to connect with. Let me help you craft the stories and language that will sell your school.

Need help in another area related to marketing and communications? Let’s talk.

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