1794 – The Magazine of Cheshire Academy

In 2015, my team and I embarked on an exciting adventure to completely revamp the existing magazine for Cheshire Academy. After surveying the alumni and learning about what they wanted out of this publication, we did away with the traditional “yearbook” style magazine and opted for a true narrative publication. The result was a coffee table-worthy magazine with unique feature articles not found anywhere else, stunning graphics, and a theme for each issue. The magazine earned a Gold Award in the Magazines category of the 2016 InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards.

The inaugural issue of 1794 • Vol. 1.1: The Education Issue
1794 Vol. 1.2: The Arts Issue
1794 Vol. 2.1: The Athletics Issue
1794 Vol. 2.2: The Political Issue
1794 Vol. 2.3: The Food Issue

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