Admission Video Series

Two Documentary-Style Videos

Behind the Scenes: When the admission directors at Milken Community Schools came to me wanting to create an emotional and engaging video as part of recruiting and enrollment efforts, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started. Working with a production company, Blueprint Motion Pictures, we developed a concept that spoke to the heart of the school’s mission and connected with our target audience.

Milken’s mission as a Jewish day school is to foster students who think well, belong to something greater than themselves, and take positive action. The video focused on one student, Jamie, whose story combined all these aspects of student success and incorporated two of the school’s most sought-after programs: advanced sciences and performing arts.

Through a strong partnership, we were able to create two stunning, cinema-quality videos for use in our admission marketing efforts. Both videos fit perfectly with the marketing tagline and slogan we developed: “Think. Belong. Do.” and “What will you do at Milken?” The shorter video is a highlight of Jamie’s journey at Milken, while the longer version takes a more documentary-style approach to her story, sharing more personal details about her life at the school.

Admission Video: Short Version
Admission Video: Long Version

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